Single And Ready To...Hula?

Here, our writer Melissa Baron dishes up a fun, informative taste of the week. She may also slip in a health tidbit from time to time, because #balance. 


Although I’m happily married, this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be single.

While that phrase could be interpreted in many ways, or just generally be confusing (because it is), I’m only trying to say that my husband will be out of town on V Day. Which is a bummer.

It’s a bummer because this is practically the only day that you can oogle over your S.O. and stare deeply into each other’s eyes in public without getting eye rolls from everyone else. It’s also a bummer because I’m rusty at taking myself on a date.    

Since I’m unpracticed, I did a test run for my big date at Drink in Fort Point. The restaurant is almost entirely made up of a massive bar, snaking its way from one end to the other— ideal for a solo date. Soft-light Edison bulbs decorate the ceiling (light EVERYONE looks good in) and there’s not a stereotypical “sports bar” TV in sight.

While Drink has a wine list and modest food menu, the guests decide the cocktails. Not wanting to waste this opportunity for creativity on a vodka soda (I highly recommended against it), I asked the bartender, Rob, for a drink that says, “I’m here to enjoy my own company and maybe strike up a conversation with my bar mate.”

Pausing for a minute, he decides I need a Bohemian cocktail. The in-house invented drink was a fusion of gin, fresh grapefruit juice, St. Germain and bitters, and it was fantastic. The gin was strong enough that you knew it was there, but not too overpowering. The grapefruit juice added a touch of sweetness, but not too much.

While sipping my summery drink, I struck up a conversation with Ezra Star, Drink’s general manager. After revealing I was doing a practice run of solo dining, she told me, “Drink is great for single guests because it's not the type of bar where people get unwanted attention.” And, bonus points, she said that single guests rarely have a wait to be seated.

I asked her what to expect on Valentine’s Day. She explained that Drink’s V Day plans--Hula with Your Honey--will include tiki-themed drinks and punch bowls to share. For single people that venture out, Ezra said that Drink will have a punch bowl for one, with two straws, so lone guests can “have a good time on their own” (if you know what she means).

So if you want to oogle into your own eyes this Wednesday, check out Drink. Its creative drinks, cozy environment and short wait time is the perfect cocktail for your happy hour of one.

Be sure to check back next Sunday for the next WD!

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