It's Worth Shelling Out The Money

Welcome to the first-ever Weekly Digest! 

Here, our writer Melissa Baron dishes up a fun, informative taste of the week. She may also slip in a health tidbit from time to time, because #balance. 


You can never get enough seafood living right next to the ocean. The only problem is that lobster (pronounced: lab-stah) ain’t cheap.

For those of you wanting to feel fancy (because you’re eating lobster, crab or shrimp) but be hip (because it’s served in a bag and you wear gloves), then look no further than the Shaking Crab and it’s newest Boston Common location.

The seven locations of the Shaking Crab serve up Cajun-style seafood in a savory, aromatic and spicy sauce of your choice, and it's delivered to the table in a bag. Yes, you eat out of a bag. The bag is given a little shake (you’re at the Shaking Crab, get it?) to ensure even sauce distribution. Now it’s your turn: tie on your bib, put on those gloves, and get down to business.

Catering to both college students (an Emerson building is literally directly above them) and theatergoers, this newest location at 140 Boylston St. mirrors the décor and menu of the other restaurants, but co-owner Kevin Duong stresses that each location has its own personality. To start, this location is the first to have two stories.

“Our restaurants are high energy and communal, but not stuffy,” said Duong, greeting us at our table wearing a bubblegum pink shirt.

High energy is certainly what we got. The place was jam-packed for its “friends and family” test drive last Monday. With wait staff moving quickly between tables, taking orders on tablets, the scene was a bit chaotic. But that’s certainly to be expected for an opening night.

We started with cocktails (obvi). I ordered the color-changing gin and tonic, which you’ve got to try. Adding the tonic water turns the gin from a bright blue to a lilac color. So you can impress your friends with a lil magic trick and get tipsy--a win-win in my book.

For dinner, we each ordered the shrimp and mussels combo. Yes, the shrimp still had their heads on, and yes I enjoyed ripping them off (a great post-work stress reliever). The order came with 1 lb of shrimp and ½ pound of mussels all for under $20 bucks--a great bang for your buck.

And oh my goodness the smell. Absolutely heavenly. It’s the fragrant garlic that Duong insists on using plenty of in the recipes--including the mac and cheese side dish.  The waiter brought an order to the table next to us and I just about helped ma’self.

Ultimately, we had quite an enjoyable experience at the Boston Common’s newest seafood joint--friendly, tasty and worth shelling out the money for. Although, with reasonable prices, you don’t have to shell out much.

Shaking Crab Boston opened on January 23 for dinner, and will serve lunch and dinner on the weekend. Visit for more.

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