Peep Show! The Best Five Things To Do With Peeps

Here, our writer Melissa Baron dishes up a fun, informative taste of the week. She may also slip in a health tidbit from time to time, because #balance. 


Happy almost spring, friends! I, for one, have been counting down the days until three-twenty-one, aka the first full day of spring. However, Mother Nature doesn’t give a crap about the calendar date.

In Boston, the weather forecast for spring’s grand opening will likely be cloudy with a chance of wind, snow, sleet and freezing rain all at once. Luckily you don’t have to wait for the sun to shine to enjoy everyone’s favorite spring snack.

Let’s see if you can guess what I’m referring to (and just pretend I didn’t give it away in the title). They’re the funnest animal shaped, sugar coated lil’ marshmallows you’ll ever eat.

Give up? It’s PEEPS! Also known as one of the greatest gifts to the candy aisle (in my humble opinion). But whoda' thought they could be so versatile?  

So if you have an itch to celebrate the coming of spring in style, and find your creative side taking over, try these 5 unique things to do with peeps.

1. The Classic (aka stick ‘em in the microwave)

Watch them grow into shapeless blobs. Why pay for dinner and a show when you can watch 18 seconds of magic happen and get to eat the final product!

2. Peeps Popcorn

 Plain popcorn is for beginners. Sweeten up ya corn with melted peeps.

3. Peep fondue*

*For fancy people only.

Impress your dinner date by serving a bunch of these seasonal dipping morsels alongside your banana slices and grahams.

4.  Replace them for board game pieces

If you’re in a rut and need a both an X and an O for your high-stakes tic tac toe game, bite a rabbit peep in half and now you’ve got both letters! (more or less)

5. Not in the DIY spirit? Savor a homemade peep at the end of your Easter brunch at Bastille Kitchen (49 Melcher St, Boston).

“But Melissa, I’m not a peeps fan.” While I think you’re definitely missing out on all peeps have to offer, be sure to still treat yo self to some deliciousness in other ways this March 21.  

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