Nothing Goes Together Better Than Grilled Cheese And…

Here, our writer Melissa Baron dishes up a fun, informative taste of the week. She may also slip in a health tidbit from time to time, because #balance. 


We all know the second food in that combo (except my husband, who never had a snow day or a childhood, apparently).

Either way, in honor of this humble comfort dish, today is National Homemade Soup Day. Because, you know, soup doesn’t get enough recognition the rest of the year.

But before I dig into my review, let’s learn a bit.

Where did this combination of grilled cheese and tomato soup come from?

Our friends at J.L. Kraft and Bros. Company (ring any bells?) first introduced their spoil-free cheese in the early 1900s. Then during WWII, Navy cooks were known to have made “American cheese filled sandwiches” for sailors due to the sandwiches’ long shelf life and easy preparation. Following in the footsteps of the military, other institutions including schools added the easy cheese sandwich (not to be confused with an Easy Cheese sandwich, which sounds terrible) to their lunchroom menu.

So how does the tomato soup fit in?

Since tomatoes are a good source of vitamins, school cafeterias served the soup along with the “toasted cheese” sandwiches in order to fulfill school lunch Vitamin C requirements. (Editor’s note: ketchup/tomato paste/pizza sauce are still considered vegetables for school lunches.)

Regardless of how you feel about the validity of this veggie, there’s no arguing that a warm bowl of tomato soup and a melty, cheesy, buttery sandwich is precisely what’s needed for National Homemade Soup Day. So check out this souper easy (couldn’t resist) homemade tomato soup recipe , and since it’s not National Homemade Grilled Cheese Day, head over to Roxy’s Grilled Cheese in Central Square and order the Hot Honey Bacon grilled cheese.

The HHB is made with Vermont cheddar, muenster, fontina, North Country Smokehouse bacon and Mike's Hot Honey--no Kraft American cheese in sight.

Roxy’s has a great seating area if you want to eat in, and a secret arcade with retro games in the back room(!) if you want to relive your childhood of playing games and eating grilled cheese--but with beer. Otherwise, get that sandwich to-go because you have some soup to make! Although, I promise I won’t tell if you decide to crack open a can of Campbell’s instead.

Be sure to check back next Sunday for the next WD!

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